Maxell MAXimum 16 GB CF- muistikortti kameroille ja muille tallentimille

Maxell MAXimum 16 GB CF- muistikortti. Jopa 34MBps (233X) siirtonopeus.
Maxell's MAXimum Compact Flash Card is designed specifically with low power consumption and features an automatic error detection and retry capabilities with a fast writing speed.


Most commonly used for Digital Cameras.
Available in 120x, 233x or 400x Speeds
1GB = approx. 630 photos/ 1.5 hours video recording*
2GB = approx. 1280 photos/ 3.5 hours video recording*
4GB = approx. 2520 photos/ 9.5 hours video recording*
8GB = approx. 5040 photos/ 21 hours video recording*
16GB = approx. 10080 photos/ 42 hours video recording*
32GB = approx. 20160 photos/ 84 hours video recording*

Net Weight 0.025kg
Operating Temperature-25~+85℃
Pack Size (H x W x D)145 x 127 x 90mm
Read Speed (MBps)35.0
Read/Write Cycle10,000 times
Storage Temprerature-40~+85℃
Write Speed (MBps)35
Available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities.
2 year warranty.

*Photos based on standard JPEG file. JPEG files will vary based on camera type/model and resolution setting. Video based on MPG1 format, time varies dependent on setting.

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"Hitachi Maxell, Ltd., commonly known as Maxell, is a Japanese company that manufactures consumer electronics. The company's notable products are batteries, wireless charging solutions, storage devices, computer tapes, professional broadcast tapes and functional materials. In the past the company manufactured recording media, including audio cassettes and blank VHS tapes, and recordable optical discs including CD-R/RW and DVD±RW.