Maxell XD CAM 50 GB -xdcam-levy, 1kpl

Maxell XD CAM PD50DL 50 GB -xdcam-levy. Hinta per 1kpl.
Capacity: 50 GB

Layer: Dual Layer

Case Type: Plastic Case

Cartridge Type: Plastic Cartridge

DVCAM Run Time: 185 Minutes

Model: PD-50DL

Erikoishinta Verollinen: 35,00 € Veroton: 28,23 € ALV 0%

Normaali hinta: Ovh. 42,90 €

Myymälässä, nouto heti. Toimitus 1-3 pvä


"Hitachi Maxell, Ltd., commonly known as Maxell, is a Japanese company that manufactures consumer electronics. The company's notable products are batteries, wireless charging solutions, storage devices, computer tapes, professional broadcast tapes and functional materials. In the past the company manufactured recording media, including audio cassettes and blank VHS tapes, and recordable optical discs including CD-R/RW and DVD±RW.