Proel Mi6, 6-kanavainen mikseri

Kompaktikokoinen 6-kanavainen mikseri.

The Mi Series has been created by PROEL in order to off er very compact mixers with a high input density and a superior audio quality at a very aff ordable price. The series includes 3 models with 6, 10 and 12 channels, featuring in a very compact package a high number of inputs and a full set of intelligent functions, able to satisfy most of the sound reinforcement applications. Designed and engineered in Italy by PROEL R&D, Mi mixers are hosted in an ultra-rugged stylish metal case, providing extended durability for a stage-proof use. The smallest model of the series, Mi6, off ers in a ultra-compact format the performance of large professional consoles, delivering a clean and accurate sound and full mixing capability.


  • System type: Ultra-compact 6-channel 2-bus mixer

  • Input Connectors:

  • Mic Input: Balanced XLR-F

  • Line Input: Balanced JACK

  • Input Sensitivity:

  • MONO INPUT CHANNEL - Mic Input: from -10 to -50 dB

  • MONO INPUT CHANNEL - Line Input: from +20 to -20 dB

  • STEREO INPUT CHANNEL - Line Input: -10 dB

  • Input Impedance:

  • MONO INPUT CHANNEL - Mic Input: 2 Kohm

  • MONO INPUT CHANNEL - Line Input:10 Kohm

  • STEREO INPUT CHANNEL - Line Input: 10 Kohm

  • Output Levels: Maximum level all outputs: +22 dBu

  • Headphones output impedance: 32 ohm

  • Mono Input channel equalization:

  • HIGH (shelving): ±15 dB @ 12KHz

  • MID (peaking): ±15 dB @ 2.5KHz

  • LOW (shelving): ±15 dB @ 80Hz

  • Crosstalk (meas. at 1 KHz): > 82 dBu

  • Noise: HUM & Noise unweighted < -93 dBu

  • THD + Noise at +4dB, 1kHz: < 0,008 %

  • Power Supply: 18 VAC 500 mA (use only supplied AC/AC ADAPTER)

  • Power consumption: 17 W

  • Weight: 1 lb

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 173x222x60 mm

Verollinen: 99,00 € Veroton: 79,84 € ALV 0%
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