Sennheiser EK 2000 IEM-BW-X Langaton korvamonitorivastaanotin

IEM receiver with adaptive diversity operation (output cable is the second antenna) - 626-698 MHz

This wireless monitoring set's receiver uses adaptive-diversity technology. The earphone cable serves as a second antenna, which considerably reduces the number of drop-outs. Combined with IE 4 ear-canal phones for precise sound reproduction, EK 2000 IEM conveys an authentic acoustic pattern of live sound and allows you to monitor your own performance perfectly. Features: Sturdy all-metal housing. Up to 3000 frequencies in up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth. 20 fixed frequency banks with up to 32 compatible presets. 6 banks with up to 32 tunable channels. Adaptive-diversity technology for high reliability. Pilot tone squelch can be set in 2 dB steps for interference-free reception. Frequency scan feature searches for available reception frequencies. Wireless synchronization of receiver parameters from transmitter. User-friendly menu interface with a backlit graphic display. HDX compander for crystal clear sound. Enhanced AF frequency response. Backlit graphic display. 4-stage battery status display. Charging contacts for recharging BA2015. Auto-lock feature to prevent settings from being changed accidentally. Hi Boost, adjustable limiter, stereo/focus mode, selectable balance on receiver. Wide range of accessories for virtually any use.

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Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG is a private German audio company specializing in the design and production of a wide range of both consumer and high fidelity products, including microphones, headphones, telephony accessories, and avionics headsets for consumer, professional, and business applications.