Sennheiser epack e 835 laulumikrofonisetti

Sennheiserin laulumikrofonisetti joka sisältää mikrofonin, mikrofonijalustan, 5m kaapelin

Sennheiser e 835 laulumikrofonin
K&M Mikrofonitelineen puomilla
5M XLR-kaapeli
Mikrofoniklipsin ja -pussin

The epack e 835 provides all you need for your live performance. Besides the professional evolution vocal microphone e 835, the epack includes a high-quality K&M microphone stand, a 5 m XLR cable, a microphone clip and a robust microphone pouch.

The e 835 is a cardioid lead vocal stage microphone specially designed to perform under pressure.



Rugged metal body
Exceptional feedback rejection
High sound pressure handling capability
Shock-mounted capsule provides excellent suppression of handling noise
Good isolation from incidental noise from the rear
Humbucking coil

Microphone stand

Microphone stand with integral boom arm
Ideal for on the move: lightweight and easily collapsible
Rugged, powder-coated surface

Verollinen: 99,00 € Veroton: 79,84 € ALV 0%
Keskusvarastolla. Toimitus 3-14 pvä


Laadukkaat mikrofonit studioon, lavalle tai kentällle! Sennheiser on tunnettu myös laadukkaiden kuulokkeidensa osalta.

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