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Lewitt LCT 340 Small diaphragm condenser microphone

  • Small diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Extremely precise sound reproduction
  • For sophisticated instrument recordings
  • Low-cut and pre-attenuation
  • Interchangeable capsules, cardioid or omni (optional)

Included: Microphone mountWindscreenTransport bag

The LCT 340 features a precisely built and tailored small diaphragm capsule. It performs incredibly onstage or in the studio.  Its excellent transient response and fine-tuned frequency response help to capture the natural musicality of your acoustic instruments in an accurate manner.

A beautifully clear and perfectly honest sound. Condenser, externally polarized

The LCT 340 is equipped with a four-position low-cut filter and a pre-attenuation slide switch. Using a low-cut filter is recommended in live situations, especially if you are recording a drum kit, to improve clarity and reduce structure-borne noise. If your source is too loud and overloads the capsule, activate the pre-attenuation to reduce sensitivity keeping the signal clean.

Condenser, externally polarized
Acoustical operating principle
Pressure & pressure gradient transducers
Transducer Ø
20.32 mm, 0.8 in
Polar pattern
Cardioid, Omni
Frequency range
20 … 20,000 Hz
9 mV/Pa, -41 dBV/Pa (cardioid)
Equivalent noise level
15 dB (A), cardioid
Max. SPL for 0.5 % THD
139 dBSPL, 0 dB pre-attenuation
Signal / noise ratio
79 dB (A)
Dynamic range
124 dB (A)
Pre-attenuation pad
 0 dB
-6 dB
-12 dB
-18 dB
Low-cut filter
40 Hz (12 dB/oct)
150 Hz (6 dB/oct)
300 Hz (6 dB/oct)
Internal impedance
150 Ω
Rated load impedance
1,000 Ω
Supply voltage
48 V ± 4 V
Current consumption
6.6 mA
Gold plated 3-pin XLR
Microphone dimensions
24 dia. x 160 mm, 0.94 dia. x 6.3 in
Microphone net weight
200 g, 7.05 oz
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Lewitt LCT 340 Authentica