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Loud, Clear, Custom Monitor Mixes

HP60: 6-Channel Headphone Mixing System


The problem solver.

“Turn my headphones up!” “More me, I can’t hear myself!” “Turn down that click!” If musicians can’t clearly hear what they want, their performance and attitude will suffer. With the PreSonus® HP60 headphone distribution system, you can easily resolve these problems and provide headphone mixes the musicians will love. That’s because the HP60 is more than a half-dozen headphone amps; it’s a field-tested, easy-to-use solution to a host of common headphone-monitoring issues.


They’ll love your headphone mixes.

Each of the HP60’s six headphone amps has its own level control and is loud enough to drive the alligators out of the Louisiana swamps. And the HP60 lets you customize each mix. In addition to the two pairs of main stereo inputs, you get an external stereo input with level control, mono, and mute for each headphone channel. So you can send each musician a feed of just their instrument or voice and can control the level separately for each.


Controlled click.

The HP60 features two sets of line-level, stereo inputs that are routed to all six headphones and a Mix control that sets relative levels for each headphone output. So you can feed the main control-room mix to channel A, feed the click signal to channel B, and use the Mix controls to individually raise or lower the click relative to the main mix for each musician.


Take command.

With the HP60, when you talk, everyone listens. Hit the Talk button and use the talkback-mic input and your favorite dynamic mic to tell ‘em what to do. You can even use a footswitch to control the talkback hands-free. Need more than six headphones? Connect two HP60s for a 12-headphone system or connect the HP60 to a PreSonus HP4 to feed 10 pairs of headphones.

So take command of your headphone system with the problem solver: the PreSonus HP60. Hear it now at your PreSonus dealer.


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Presonus HP60 kuulokevahvistin, kuusikanavainen kuulokevahvistin, kuulokevahvistin

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