RCS SB-020 vyövahvistin pantamikrofonilla


2 varastossa. Myymälästä heti. Toimitus 1-3 vrk .

Paristokäyttöinen 10W vyövahvistin pantamikrofonilla opettajille, kouluttajille, myyjille, tapahtumiin, messuille. Uusi paranneltu malli !   Ladattava Li-Ion akku 8-16 tunnin akun kestolla.

The new compact and inconspicuous but powerful voice
amplifier SB-020 is optimized for voice transmission and
therefore very suitable for teachers and lecturers.

The device has an internal charging circuit and, as a result
by the use of a Li-ion battery, the charging process is very
comfortable. A possible overcharge is reliably prevented by
the integrated overcharge protection, so that the device is
always ready for use.

The battery life is 8-16 hours, depending
on the volume setting.

If necessary, music signals from mobile phones, laptops,
or MP3 players could be used via the „Line-in“ input signal.
The required audio cable is included.


Also included in delivery box:
+ Comfortable headset microphone
+ Hand microphone
+ Belt-clip and Lanyard
+ Audio cable for „Line-in“ input (130 cm)
+ Power cable (mini-USB)


Paino 1.0000 kg

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Pariston / akun tyyppi

Ladattava Li-Ion akku

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RCS SB-020 vyövahvistin pantamikrofonilla


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