Bubblebee BBI-LO2 karvatuulisuoja tuplapakkaus, musta

Bubblebee BBI-LO2 karvatuulisuoja tuplapakkaus, musta

Bubblebee Industries The Twin Windbubbles BBI-LO2 karvatuulisuoja nappimikrofonille, 2kpl, musta.

Sopii seuraaville mikeille:
- Sanken COS-11 (metalligrillin kanssa)
- Countryman B3
- DPA 4060
- Sennheiser MKE2

Verollinen: 45,00 € Veroton: 36,29 € ALV 0%
Myymälässä, nouto heti. Toimitus 1-3 pvä

Bubblebee Industries

Bubblebee Industries valmistaa laadukkaat tuulisuojat, nappimikrofonien tarvikkeet ja korvakappaleet.

Bubblebee Industries is Making Sound Sound Better by creating the world’s best quality microphone wind protection and other innovative sound accessories for serious sound professionals. Field recording often means capturing sound in very challenging environments and Bubblebee’s windscreens are designed to be good looking, easy to use and technically second to none to retain as much of the microphone’s natural sound as possible.