Sennheiser E 906, Dynaaminen instrumenttimikrofoni


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Super-cardioid dynamic instrument microphone especially designed for miking guitar cabs

The e 906 captures the guitar sound just as you want it to be: from clean to distorted, from gentle to aggressive. It provides a high-resolution, natural sound without unwanted coloration. The transient response of the e 906 convinces in every style: it even transmits riffs with an extremely hard punch directly and straightforward. The microphone features a switchable presence filter with three sound characteristic options: one to boost the presence range, one for ”normal” presence and one to attenuate the presence range. Thanks to its flat shape, it can be positioned in front of the amp hanging from its cable – completely without a stand. Not to mention its distinctly rugged design. Features: Dynamic microphone. Extraordinarily lively, full sound Extremely fast transient response. Switchable presence filter with three choices of sound characteristic boosted presence range, normal, attenuated presence range. Perfect shape for the pick-up of guitar amps. Shock-mounted capsule. Hum compensating coil. Rugged metal housing.


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Sennheiser E 906, Dynaaminen instrumenttimikrofoni


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