Fischer Amps

Based on 20 years of experience in pro audio, Fischer Amps are the niche suppliers for solutions for sound engineers and artists. From year one, Fischer Amps have been striving to simplify the work for artists and their sound engineers, to enable them to focus on their show and joy for music during live performances. In collaboration with renowned sound engineers and artists Fischer Amps are constantly developing new products which satisfy the requirements on stage and which show their reliability on stage. Convenient handling, top workmanship and sturdiness are distinctive features of all Fischer Amps products, which is achieved also by design and manufacturing in Germany.

  • Fischer Amps Mini Bodypack 2

    XLR/TRS -kombolitiin samoissa kuorissa.

  • Fischer Amps In-Ear Amp 8 korvamonitorivahvistin

    Korvamonitorivahvistin jopa kahdeksalle muusikolle

  • Fischer Amps In-Ear Amp 2 korvamonitorivahvistin

    Fischer Ampsin laadukas korvamonitorivahvistin

  • Fischer Amps In-Ear Stick kuulokevahvistin

    Todella pienikokoinen kannettava kuulokevahvistin.

  • Fischer Amps In-Ear Bodypack korvamonitorivahvistin

    In-ear korvamonitorivahvistin kahdella XLR-sisääntulolla.